European Intermodal Association

Type of Organization
Non governmental


Organisation description

The EIA is an international independent platform promoting sustainable intermodal mobility in Europe by combining innovative rail, waterway, road, air and maritime transport solutions. The EIA?s key objectives are to: 1) promote the interests of its members in developing innovative intermodal concepts & technologies, a better definition of the intermodal product and increased quality of servces; 2) improving the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of its members through the innovative, swift, safe and economic movement of goods whilst preserving quality of life, and the environment.

European Intermodal Association (EIA)
60 Rue Ravenstein
BP 21
B-1000 Brussels

For more information about this Organisation please visit: http://www.eia-ngo.com/index.php?tid=2&menu=left&left=6

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