DG Regional Policy

Directorate General for Regional Policy

Type of Organization
European Union


Organisation description

The Regional Policy Directorate-General is the department in the European Commission responsible for European measures to assist the economic and social development of the less-favoured regions of the European Union under Articles 158 and 160 of the Treaty. The Regional Policy DG is in charge of the administration of three major funds : 1) the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which operates in all 25 Member States; 2) the Cohesion Fund, which assists environment and transport projects in the 13 Member States whose GDP is below 90% of the Community average (Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain); 3) the Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession (ISPA),which is assisting the candidate countries to improve the environment and develop their transport networks.

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For more information about this Organisation please visit: http://europa.eu.int/comm/dgs/regional_policy/index_en.htm

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