Conference of the Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe

Type of Organization
Non governmental


Organisation description

The CPMR's membership includes 150 Regions from 27 States - both members and non-members of the EU - all located in one of Europe's main sea basins. They have chosen to open up towards the international scene and join transnational cooperation networks as a way of strengthening their competitiveness. The CPMR was founded in Saint-Malo in 1973 with a view to: 1) exploiting together their common assets - the sea and the coastline - and contributing towards a greater enhancement of Europe's maritime dimension; 2) creating awareness among the European authorities of the need to fight major disparities in competitiveness between the central part of Europe and its peripheries; 3) ensuring greater involvement of the regional level in European integration.

CRPM 6 Rue Saint-Martin
35700 RENNES

For more information about this Organisation please visit: http://www.crpm.org/

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